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​​Vera A. Weisz

Vera A. Weisz is a leading immigration attorney in Los Angeles, a widely respected expert on immigration law and a longtime national and local activist for immigrant rights and justice. She earned her Juris Doctor from UCLA in 1977, and was admitted to the California Bar the following year.

Ms. Weisz has worked extensively with refugees, first at Florida Rural Legal Services and then at the Haitian Refugee Center in Miami, and in Los Angeles at the National Center for Immigrant Rights, where she worked on class action lawsuits, including Orantes-Hernandez v. Holder, which established certain rights of Salvadoran nationals in immigration detention.

Today, she specializes in complex immigration cases, removal defense, asylum, and family immigration petitions.

She has also been active in the immigrant rights advocacy arena, helping found organizations like CARECEN and Immigrants' List, a bipartisan political action committee supporting candidates for Congress who advocate for immigrant rights.

She has been honored by the National Lawyers Guild and other professional legal organizations, and is working for the success of Court Watch, a watchdog program that monitors the immigration courts to make sure they guarantee immigrants due process.

Ms. Weisz was born in Colombia to Hungarian Jewish parents who had emigrated there after surviving the Holocaust during WWII. Hers family moved to the United States when she was 11. Growing up, Ms. Weisz developed a strong pride in her roots but also learned to value and appreciate diversity.

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